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Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur

It has been years since you were thinking about solving those specific issues in your life and in the lives of others, starting a business and creating the lifestyle you always wanted for yourself and for the people you care about. 

You can probably relate to my story: I felt trapped in a dying industry and in the end of a career, without a sound retirement plan, feeling redundant at times, concerned about being unable to support my family despite working hard, being dependent on factors completely outside of my control: the economy, the government politics, the changing world. 

In fact, if that's how you sometimes feel as well, it is not your fault. The world has changed. 

In the video above I shared my story of following my passion for beauty and perfection that lead me to the major health crisis of my life. This is when I decided to take my financial destiny into my hands, instead of leaving it to the mercy of people who even do not know that I exist. You can do this too by mastering new skills and creating a business of your own.

If you do not know how? No problem. Let me tell you a very simple truth: success in life is not a DYI business. 

You need someone to show you how to do it. 

And in a moment I will give you access to all the resources that I've got myself: business training programs, services, coaches, mentors, community of entrepreneurs and even a team of phone-sales professionals to do the selling for you. All you have to do is drive traffic to the offers, phone-sales professionals pick from there, and when they sell, you make a commission of $1250 to $10.000 per sale. 

Let me tell you a few words about myself

My name is Dmitry Badiarov. I am an online entrepreneur, building my online business that has a six figure potential and I am doing extremely well in this industry working online from anywhere. My professional background is music and I also design and build high-end custom-made violins.

I worked with one of the finest bands on planet and got to travel all over the world. I’ve been to almost all countries of Europe, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Japan, China, Russia... I recorded several dozens of CDs, and lectured at the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo, Royal Conservatories of Paris, Brussels, The Hague and Utrecht, University of Sorbonne in Paris among others. 

This was a beautiful career... until 2008-2012. 

Budget cuts caused layoffs in my industry. The best bands I worked with went out of business, dearest friends and finest colleagues moved overseas, leaving a huge gap where the passion of my life once was. 

For years I had to deal with stress, irrelevant back-stage politics, negativity in the professional environment and finally, on one beautiful sunny Saturday in 2013, I suffered a cerebral stroke.   

When this happened I thought I lost all sources of income, because I thought I will be unable to work at all. It was the darkest moment in my life... 

Until I decided to turn things around and make the best out of the worst. The stroke was a blessing in disguise...

I fully recovered and I feel healthier and happier than ever ( except that I can't play the violin professionally any more). I still run my passion driven music-related business and I build a six-figure business online in my part time and I want to show you how you can start.

I got to work with the best coaches and mentors in the industry of Internet Marketing and I understood this was the right business model for me or anyone with or without former experience. 

My business has already taken me to tropical locations such as Mexico and St Kitts where I learned from Kane Minkus, Russell Whitney and Matt Lloyd among others. Some of my coaches shared stage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki and these could also be your coaches: the quality is truly stellar. 

I started with zero skills and today I am in the top earners club despite my former experience. This was possible because I am leveraging proven systems. If you join today you too will get tools and systems 97% of Internet Marketers have no idea about... 

Success in life is not a DIY business. 
You are just one coach away...
What is This Business?
Top Tier Business in Business Education Niche
In the nutshell: you get access to over 400 educational programs in business education niche to promote: both online and offline programs. Why Top Tier? Because it is possible to generate considerably higher returns while working less. I prefer to make a commission of 10k for selling just one product, rather than selling 1000 products that cost $10 while leveraging professional phone-sales team. 
Who Buys Such Programs?
Business owners who see these programs not as costs but as investments for growing and scaling up their businesses to six figures and beyond. 
Is this MLM or Network Marketing?
The answer: no, it is not.
This is neither Multi-Level-Marketing nor network marketing. My earnings do not depend on the performance of anyone I refer to this company (except for small 5% residual income and occasional pass ups). 
What is my role in this business?
Essentially, my role is driving traffic to the front-end offers, such as a free book or free LIVE workshops among others. 
What support do I offer?
Today I am assisting business partners from around the world to get started on the fast track in this business. Ten reasons to start now are listed below. 
Seven Step Formula
In my weekly online workouts I cover the Seven Step Formula: 

Getting started: Social Media page, Autoresponder, Landing page. 
(I give away one ready to use funnel and a converting target market) 

1. The right psychology
2. The right activities
3. Preparing sales funnel
4. Launching sales funnel
5. Follow up
6. Measuring, tracking, optimising
7. Celebrating and giving 
And Much More
Leveraging Mentors, Systems and the Community

This business has already taken me to tropical locations such as Los Cabos,

Mexico and St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean where I had the opportunity to work with mentors and coaches, all of whom are 6-8 figure Home Business Owners, some of them operate multiple 7-figure businesses.
Get to work with mentors and coaches who shared stage with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Sir Richard Branson...
With Livia Caudel, Yannick Van Den Bos, Steven Bransfield; Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
With Matt Lloyd, St. Kitts and Nevis, December 2016
With Shaqir Husseyn and John Chow; Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
With Noah St. John; Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
With Paul O'Mahony, London, UK, November 2016
With Donald Burnham, Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
With Wajed Salam, St. Kitts and Nevis, December 2016
With Marcin Marczak; London, February 2017
With John Lee; Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2017
You are just one coach away...

Ten Reasons To Start Today  
The System You Are Getting Today:
Access to the WiFi Millionaire System: 21 online training videos
1-on-1 Private Success Coach for the next 21 days
In addition I offer the following bonuses for your 
taking action today:
Access to my Private weekly training (online meetups and webinars), Silver Consultants and above.
I give away one ready to use sales funnel and targeting that returned me 1345% ROI.
30 Days Traffic Training, all 21-steps members
Access to my Private FB group, support and a community of likewise minded entrepreneurs
I give away ready to use email Legacy Follow up series 
I give away ready to use video scripts for video marketing assets
Invitation to special training bootcamps and getaways with a focus on High Value Activities such as production of marketing assets etc...
Last but not least! 

Fun of building an online business together!
These bonuses can easily be evaluated above $2.000 but I am offering them to you for free for your taking action today.  
Here is What People Say:
Feza Sengul, London, UK
Adeline Sugianto, Sidney, Australia
John Chow, Vancouver, Canada
Rob Paris, Stockholm, Sweden
Chan Aik Hoon, Singapore
Paul Dunstan, London, UK
How Much Does it Take To Start?
Normally $67, today it is just $49
30-days 100% full refund guarantee!
Access to the WiFi Millionaire System: 21 online training videos
1-on-1 Private Success Coach for the next 21 days
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30-days 100% refund guarantee!
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