How I Created a Successful Online Business 
Working Part-Time From Anywhere
Even though I Was Brand New
❶  Personal invitation from Dmitry Badiarov

Dear Home Business Entrepreneur

Hi, my name is Dmitry Badiarov. I am an online entrepreneur, building my online business that has a six figure potential and I am doing extremely well in this industry working online from anywhere: beaches, resorts, even from the luxury of modern sailing boats. 

Before I continue, let me tell a few words about myself.

My professional background is classical music. 

I worked with one of the finest bands on planet and got to travel all over the world. I’ve been to almost all countries of Europe, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Korea, Japan, China, Russia... 

This was beautiful... until 2008-2012. 

Budget cuts caused layoffs in my industry. CD industry, piracy and streaming took jobs from live professionals. The best bands I worked with went out of business, dearest friends and finest colleagues moved overseas, leaving a huge gap where the passion of my life once was. Additionally, having no retirement plan was a source of worries too. I knew, I will have to do something about it.

I wish none of this happened to anyone reading this, but I had to deal with stress, irrelevant back-stage politics, negativity in the professional environment for a few years and finally, on one beautiful sunny Saturday in 2013, I suffered a cerebral stroke. Outcomes: 1. I am no longer fit for the profession of my passion. 2. I lost a source of income.  

In fact, when this happened I thought I lost all sources of income, because I thought I will be unable to work at all. This was the darkest moment in my life... However, I realised I could turn it around: turn the worst into the best.  

I turned the worst into the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. 

I recovered. And not only recovered, I feel healthier and happier than ever, except that I can't play the violin professionally any more. And I would not like to play it again unless it was with those amazing people I was blessed to worked with for more than a decade. 

I realised stress is not my cup of tea. 

I also realised health is not eternal. 

I realised I needed a business to replace my job, a business that would work even if I did not.  

I also realised, life is fragile. I can head for the Milky Way any moment. And when this happens, I want to leave something that will support my family for years to come.

I got introduced to the Internet Marketing in business education

niche in June 2016 and although, initially I felt sceptical, I chose to silence the clever skeptic in myself and decided to invest in my education.  

I got to work with the best coaches and mentors in the industry of Internet Marketing and I understood this was the right business model for me. 

This business has already taken me to tropical locations such as Mexico and St Kitts where I learned from Kane Minkus, Russell Whitney, Matt Lloyd. Some of my coaches who shared stage with Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki.  

I started just 9 months ago with zero skills. My first commission came in November 2016. Today I am in the five-figure club, and I am looking to joining the six-figure club by the end of this year (2017). 
I turned things around: if music was about bringing harmony to people's lives, this business is about bringing freedom of choices.  

I got training, business education products to promote, copywriters, website designers and even my own phone-sales professionals to do the selling for me.  

Now I am working online from anywhere in the world, be it a beach or the cockpit of a luxury sailing yacht... I would be doing this part-time even if I were still traveling the world as a classical music professional.

Wanna know how to get started? There is an online program that I also completed. Click on the button below to start.
❷ Internet Marketing is NOT that easy!
Anyone claiming otherwise is telling lies

The good news is, unlike mastering the violin (or any other musical instrument) which may take decades to master and without guarantee of any type, Internet Marketing can be learned quicker.  

When I started, I struggled for the first five months. It was so hard until I finally got it! 
Working with LIVE coaches made all the difference for me.

Today I can throw a campaign that returns up to 1345% ROI and I can repeat it as many times as I want. 
What Did I Need to Succeed Online
It took me time, a few months till I realised one simple truth: I did not need more information, I did not need more confusion, I did not need to work harder, I did not need to attend more seminars, webinars, get more contacts etc. 
I realised here is all I needed:

  •    Highly converting, valuable front-end offer. A product people want to buy because it solves specific problems.  
  •  An advertising platform - the source of high quality and high volume of traffic to the front-end offer.
  •  Highly converting squeeze or lead page to collect leads on autopilot. Leadpages or ClickFunnels, for example. 
  •  A high quality autoresponder, such as aWeber or GetResponse to build my list and develop relationship with it.
  •  Valuable, inspiring media content, images, videos, text to deliver daily and increase conversions into sales.
  •  High value back end offers to maximise my profits.   
  •  A coach, a mentor: somebody with experience to sit with me and show me what I should do and help me with issues if things do not work.

The point is, starting all of the above from scratch will take ten years before I see any results. It is not easy. But there is a shortcut and I decided to use systems that offer me all of the above.
❸   I Use Simple Formulas
I want to share what works for me.  

❶   LIVE coaches and mentors who sat with me and showed me how to run my business. 
❷   Access to systems that automate lots of tasks, including selling.
What I use is a franchise like business system with all of the following ingredients already in place:

❶  High quality done-for-me front-end offers
❷  Highly converting websites and sales funnels done-for-me by professionals 
❸  Highly converting done-for-me emails, blog articles, videos, webinars 
❹ A team of phone-sales professionals to do the selling of high value back-end offers for me, and when they sell - I get commissions of $1.250, $3.300, $5.500 and up to $10.000. 
❺ My own support desk to work with my leads...
❻ My own finance team to handle payments on my behalf... 
❼ My personal 1-on-1 coach to show me how to run this business, and to create the ideal strategy which would maximise my natural strengths and help me hit my lifestyle and income goals.
❽ It also gave me access to mentorship program to help me scale up my business up to seven figures. 
❾ Last but  not least, I got access to the support of a global community of online entrepreneurs. Whenever I have any issue, I can post my questions in our online groups and get answers almost instantly.

and a lot more...

Stop Consuming, Start Producing 
and You Will Start Living A Purpose-Driven Life
I was surprised by the simplicity of this concept, but in order to become successful all I had to do was to transition myself from the consumer's mindset to the producer's mindset. 

I had to stop consuming yet another training, webinar, book or a video. I had to actually start producing: place ads on the Internet, update my timeline, build relationships. I do the important things two-three hours daily, outsourcing less important things to others. 

Formulas simplify my day-to-day operations and move me closer to my goals and the goal is... not just the profits! 

It is about living a purpose-driven meaningful lifestyle. It is about having the freedom to do what matters the most, doing things that I love: spend time with the beloved once, read, travel.

In fact, I have lots of things to be grateful for! When I had a job as a classical music, it was a job that I actually loved. I still do a lot of things in and around music (being a professional violin designer and maker). When I was forced to quit professional stage I lost the means of connecting with my audience.

This business opened the opportunity to re-connect with people once again, with a by far larger audience. It is a new passion-driven business that allows personal growth and freedom.
❹  Top Tier Affiliate Marketing 
What is it?
Top Tier Business in Business Education Niche
In the nutshell: I am an affiliate Internet Marketer for one of the largest online business education companies. 

I got over 400 educational programs to promote: both online and offline programs. Why Top Tier? Because it is possible for me to generate considerably higher returns while working less. I prefer to make a commission of 10k for selling just one product, rather than selling 1000 of cheap low-value products. Additionally, in this Top Tier business model all of the selling is done for me. I am not a salesperson.   
Who Buys Such Programs?
Business owners who see these programs not as mere costs but as investments for growing and scaling up their businesses. 
Is this MLM or Network Marketing?
I hear this question all the time. 
Answer: no, it is not.
This is neither Multi-Level-Marketing nor network marketing, therefore my earnings do not depend on the performance of anyone I refer to this company (except for small 5% residual income and occasional pass ups). 
My role as an affiliate Internet Marketer in this business is to drive traffic to the front-end offers: filling up venues of our live training events or getting prospects for the online training programs. 
What is my role in this business?
Essentially, my role is driving traffic to the front-end offers, such as a free book or free LIVE workshop among others. 

The rewards and benefits offered by the products and business system I use are great, however giving back is what keeps me going. 

I am sharing the golden nuggets from the coaching and senior mentorship programs in which I invested over $50.000 in the last nine months, and which allowed me - despite the fact my professional background had nothing to do with online businesses, sales or computers, to generate remarkable results in a matter of few months.
What support do I offer?
Today I am assisting business partners from around the world to get started on the fast track in this business. Apart from the eight exclusive bonuses listed below I offer:
A. Weekly online seminars and webinars
B. Support via Private Facebook group
Seven Step Formula
In my weekly online workouts I cover the Seven Step Formula: 

Getting started: Social Media page, Autoresponder, Landing page. 
(I give away one ready to use funnel and a converting target market) 

1. The right psychology
2. The right activities
3. Preparing sales funnel
4. Launching sales funnel
5. Follow up
6. Measuring, tracking, optimising
7. Celebrating and giving 
And Much More
Low cost marketing strategies, using SMS and WhatsApp...  
Finding multiple ways to connect and interact with prospects ...
Video content marketing strategies....
(I give away ready scripts to help entrepreneurs started on fast track)
How to take maximum out of LIVE events...
The OPT formula and resources...

How I Turned Things Around 
My passion was creating harmony through music, today my passion is creating freedom of choices. 
I would still be doing this even if I still travelled the world as a classical musician. 

  ❺ What Have I Done So Far?

This business has already taken me to tropical locations such as Los Cabos,

Mexico and St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean where I had the opportunity to work with mentors and coaches, all of whom are 6-7 figure Home Business Owners, some of them operate multiple 7-figure businesses and share stage with speakers such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Sir Richard Branson. 
I got to work with mentors and coaches who shared stage with Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Sir Richard Branson...
It allowed me to generate 5 figures in a remarkable short time and I am on track to making six figures by the end of 2017 and scale up from there in my part time. 

In fact, I've spent sailing a luxurious sailing boat for 11 days in the beginning of April, working on my online business an hour or two a day, except for weekends and I returned home with $2685.70. Advertising budget $0. 

So, in my workouts I also cover the free traffic strategies.
My Coaches and Mentors
With Livia Caudel, Yannick Van Den Bos, Steven Bransfield; Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
With Matt Lloyd, St. Kitts and Nevis, December 2016
With Shaqir Husseyn and John Chow; Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
With Noah St. John; Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
With Paul O'Mahony, London, UK, November 2016
With Donald Burnham, Los Cabos, Mexico, Septembeer 2016
With Wajed Salam, St. Kitts and Nevis, December 2016
With Marcin Marczak; London, February 2017
With John Lee; Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 2017
Relaxing during the Internet Marketing Mastermind event, Los Cabos, Mexico, September 2016
❻ Ten Reasons To Start Today  
The System I Am Using
This is the system I am using to build my online business. It gives direct access to the business systems and step-by-step instructions on creating a six-figure business. Click on the button below to get started. 
Access to the WiFi Millionaire System: 21 online training videos
1-on-1 Private Success Coach for the next 21 days
I give away the following exclusive bonuses for taking action today:
Access to my Private weekly training (online meetups and webinars), Silver Consultants and above.
I give away one ready to use sales funnel and targeting that returned me 1345% ROI. Silver Consultants and above.
30 Days Traffic Training, all 21-steps members
Access to my Private FB group, support and a community of likewise minded entrepreneurs
I give away one ready to use email Legacy Follow up series 
I give away ready to use video scripts for video marketing assets
Invitation to special training bootcamps and getaways with a focus on High Value Activities such as production of marketing assets etc...
Last but not least! 

Fun of building an online business together!
These exclusive bonuses can easily be evaluated above $2.000 and they are meant to save months of frustration and hard work. 
❼ What About Guarantees?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Quitting 9 to 5 and running a business is not for everybody. If this business is not for you, simply ask for a refund within 30-days after purchase.
Here is What People Say:
Feza Sengul, London, UK
Adeline Sugianto, Sidney, Australia
John Chow, Vancouver, Canada
Rob Paris, Stockholm, Sweden
Chan Aik Hoon, Singapore
Paul Dunstan, London, UK
❽ What Does it Take To Start?
Normally $67, today it is just $49
30-days 100% full refund guarantee!
Remember, here is what I give:
Access to the WiFi Millionaire System: 21 online training videos
1-on-1 Private Success Coach for the next 21 days
Plus I give away these 8 Bonuses 
Valued at Above $2.000:
Access to my Private weekly training (online meetups and webinars). Silver Consultants and above
Ready to use sales funnel and sample targeting proven to return 1345% ROI for me. Silver Consultants and above
30 Days Traffic Training, all 21-steps members
Access to my Private FB group, support and a community of likewise minded entrepreneurs
Ready to use email Legacy Follow up series 
Ready to use video scripts for video marketing assets
Invitation to special training bootcamps and getaways with a focus on High Value Activities such as production of marketing assets etc...
Last but not least! 

Fun of building an online business together!
Hey, But That's Not All!
Also included: 
Access to the staff of over 150 people who will do a lot of the work

Merchant processing and accounting

Daily training calls for members only

Proven websites and marketing funnels that turn traffic into cash

Quality products that provide real value

Daily training calls for members only

Up to $10,000 in commissions for each sale

I Look Forward to Working Together!

But here is the thing... 

I look forward to working with a small but highly motivated group of serious online entrepreneurs. Wanna learn more and get started? Click on the button below now.
Here is what to do next:
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